Your Super Kids battle monsters like Wetness, Rashes, Itching, Discomfort, and Bulkiness. Isn't it time to upgrade and make their fight easier? Bring home Super Cute's diapers and give your baby the superpowers to win all their battles. Now, the monsters are scared of them and don’t trouble them anymore. Your Super Kids are active, comfortable and powerful and, what’s more, they look super cool too. Give your Super Kid's diaper an innovative makeover with the Super Cute’s Wonderskirt and Wondershorts diapers. Soothe Healthcare, with the range of Super Cute’s diapers, wants to create the very best for your baby which keeps them happy, active and always super cool.


At Soothe Healthcare, we are dedicated to babies’ health and wellbeing and understand how important being active is to their development. We also know that active babies need diapers that can keep up with them, but often normal diapers get heavy and tend to hold babies back from being their curious, happy selves. We believe that babies deserve the very best to be their very best.

We created Super Cute’s in a number of different avatars, Wonderthinz, Wonderskirts, Wondershorts and Wonder Pullups, each with its own unique features, some of which are the first of their kind in India. Along the way, we came up with a few more ideas to keep Super Kids feeling their best.

Super Thinz

India’s first premium ultra thin diapers for ultra thin comfort. Innovative ultra thin technology keeps the diapers super light and ensures your baby is never held back by bulky, saggy diapers and always feels light and active.

Super Bubble Technology

This innovative feature distributes the liquid across the diaper evenly, ensuring no lumps or bumps, keeping your baby wetness-free and super comfortable.

Attached Individual Skirts and Shorts

India’s first skirts and shorts-style pullup diapers that keep your Super Kids looking fab. The attached skirts and shorts ensure that your Super Girls and Super Boys always look top-notch.

Supercutes ambassadors