Know why to opt for diapers with wetness indicator

Oct 07 , 2021

Supercutes Diapers

Know why to opt for diapers with wetness indicator

Nappies and Babies are practically inseparable in the initial few years of growing up. As soon as the newborn is out of the womb, diapers are among their first purchases. But, with choices galore and online information that specify everything from the various varieties to elements, it is normal for parents to feel a bit baffled about getting the right one for their child.


However, over the years, this necessity of the infant and relief for the parent has got many upgrades. In fact, companies are developing newer varieties and adding features such as high-quality absorbing, thinness, and wetness indicators in diapers that allow the baby to feel comfortable and happy. 


Thus, of the many traits, we will explain the Wetness indicators, i.e. the inked line on the diaper that changes colours when wet. Though this hue is brand dependent, for instance, Super Cute's WonderThinz Diapers has a line that changes from yellow to green; the issue it solves is beneficial for both the baby and you.


As the role of the dampness mark is co-related to absorption, the first point of consideration while selecting the nappy is that it should assimilate well, last longer and still be comfortable for the baby. Hence, choose the diaper, which has SAP. This technology converts liquid into a gel which helps in soaking more fluid when compared to regular diapers. This aspect is fantastic as despite storing more, it doesn't make the diaper bulky for the tot, and they can roam around freely. 


So, wondering how the ink is inserted? Conventionally, it is done by adding a chemical substance or dye to a diaper's outer core, and at times to the inner layer. In the latter case, some infants may develop an allergic reaction on the skin. However, this doesn't mean that the coloured substance inserted is always harmful to the baby. All you have to do is ensure getting a no-toxic and non-VOC pack. It should also be fragrance-free and should have less ink to show the wetness. 


So, as a company into baby hygiene products, we'd say using the wetness indicator diaper is actually a boon than a bane. Keeping your toddler in a dirty diaper for long can result in rashes which can cause pain and irritation. Also, periodically checking them can be a big hassle. So use a chemical-free diaper with a magic line to avoid unnecessary irritation and have a happy and playful baby. Select Super Cute's WonderThinz Diapers, India's first ultra-thin premium baby diaper pants and see how your baby feel light and soft.