5 things to consider when buying diapers

Jun 15 , 2021

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5 things to consider when buying diapers

Did you know by the time your baby turns one, you would have nearly changed 2,500 diapers. Wow! That’s quite a number. 

The estimate is also a reason why buying diapers is almost a mandatory task on your list. But purchasing this essential product can sometimes get daunting as a poor quality diaper can cause irritability, discomfort, and a cranky baby!


So here we have for you 5 things to consider when buying diapers. Let’s get started-


1. Brand

You want to give your baby the best; hence, the principal criteria is to opt for a reputed brand or go by word-of-mouth. Both routes are advisable as the former develops products after thorough research and expertise while the tried and tested formula of a parent facing the same problem back the latter.

2. Features 

This trait is another crucial point to consider. Select a diaper that is super absorbent and doesn’t leak or becomes saggy. Leakage not only causes rashes but also increases your work. Choosing the brand with a wetness indicator will ensure the baby gets a change in time. The other two things to examine are softness and stretch ability. This will provide comfort and let your baby crawl or walk smoothly without feeling any irritable rub on the skin. 

3. Right size

It is normal to get a bit confused about the size of the diaper, especially if you are a new parent. Thus, check the weight guidelines for each available size. Moreover, every brand has a different sizing method, so pick the one closest to the body weight and is neither tight nor loose. Also, don’t stock up as the baby sizes change quickly, say every few months.

4. Comfort 

As the baby can’t express the real problem, you can gauge this from rashes. If your child is getting rashes even after constant changes, then consider changing the brand as either the quality of the diaper is not good or is it not suiting the skin of your little one. 

5. Budget

We understand diapers are an unavoidable monthly expense that will have some impact on the budget. Consequently, avoid buying with the thought that high price equals high quality. Alternatively, pay more attention to the features and look for value packs or deals. 

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